Personal Note

I’ve shared many things on this blog.

My love of Little House on the Prairie. Making time for my kids. Even how to help children handle really tough situations.

Today’s post is a little more personal. It’s about how I want to pass on my faith to my children.

I’ve never been shy about my faith. I am a Christian and proud of that. I don’t, however, feel the need to force other people to believe as I do. I hope, and even pray, that they do but ultimately I believe that the whole free will thing is a pretty big part of a true relationship with God, so consequently forcing my faith really isn’t something I do. I’ve been in situations where a simple comment like, “I’ll be praying for you” was met with criticism or complaint. So, in an effort to be considerate, I’ve kept my personal beliefs, well personal.

But since I made a commitment to share a little more about my life and why I do the things I do, I’ve included this personal note about why I think it’s so important for me to share with my children, the gift of faith.

Just before Easter, I saw a blog about why one mom was not giving her children baskets. Growing up, I never had them, so I’ve always gone way overboard with my kids. But this year, wanting to be more focused on the spirit of the holiday, I was considering forgoing the tradition. Even though I missed out on the chocolatey treats, I am eternally grateful that my parents gave me a strong foundation of faith that has sustained me through many tough nights and long days, and I wasn’t sure that an Easter basket was a necessary part of that process.

I want my children to share my faith and the balance between secular life and spiritual is a real part of how and why I do what I do.

I know other parents struggle with how to maintain a “normal” life, while making sure that their kids really know what matters, so I thought maybe my blog really is the right place to share this. It’s hard to say, the best way to build that strong foundation of faith and values, but I know this, it has to start early, and it needs to be something that they enjoy. Over the years, my kids and I have done great Bible studies and obviously we attend church regularly, but a true relationship means I want them to know how much God loves them and how they can show God’s love. A connection to God’s word is essential to knowing that.

When I got the opportunity to partner with Zondervan to share the most adorable little Bible with all of you, I jumped at the chance. Without even picking up the Under the Sea Holy Bible, I knew it would be an awesome product.  Not only have they been a leader in faith-based products for years,  Leila had already asked for a Bible of her very own so it was perfect timing.

The fact that it would arrive in time for her Easter basket was icing on the cake.

I love the colors and theme of the Under The Sea Bible. It’s unisex enough that I’m sure when Leila outgrows it she’ll be able to pass it down to anyone of her cousins or her nephew, Mr.Malachi.

The images in the Bible are so engaging, kids can learn the principles simply knowing that God really is speaking directly to them.

Leila loves her Bible and they are available all over including at Family Christian Bookstores, click here for free shipping to your door. Or even better yet, we’d love for you to have a chance to win your own Under The Sea Bible, so head over to my Facebook page for a chance to win.

The kids didn’t exactly get baskets this year, they got bags, with a little bit of candy and a spring treat.  If they noticed the difference they didn’t mention it. I’d say that’s a win in my books. What do you think?